• Machine Safety

    Machine Safety Services

    Highly trained subject matter experts make up our team. From disciplines in electrical, mechanical and fluid power engineering to project management, professional engineers (PEs) and field technicians. One of our core competencies is machine guarding and design.

    Risk Assessments/Compliant Audits

    ·  Document Hazards of Operating Machinery/Prioritize Risks

    ·  ISO 12100 & ISO 13849 Safety Performance Levels

    ·  Work with Existing Assessments

    Machine Guarding

    ·  Customize Design and Fully Engineered

    ·  Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Guards

    ·  Swing, Sliding, Lift, No Header Gates

    ·  Heavy Duty, Pit Cover Guards

    ·  Panel/Post System for Easy Field Work

    Safety Controls

    ASE can source top rated control brand components you can trust!

    Emergency Stops

    ·  Illuminated or non-illuminated

    ·  Illuminated Reset in Prewired Enclosure

    ·  All Rated Category 3 or 4 and NFPA 79 Compliant

    ·  Interlocks - Non-Contact - Cat4 OR locked gates with choice of:

    ·   Double Acknowledgement (DA) Systems

    ·   Trapped Key Systems

    ·   Supervisory Control Systems

    ·  Presence-Sensing Systems: Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Laser Scanners, Muting Sensors, Gate Bumpers

    Hydraulic Safety Valves

    ·  Dual Hydraulic Safety Valve Assemblies

    ·  Series Manifold (Alum. or Steel)

    ·  Illuminated DIN Connectors

    ·  Spool Monitored

    ·  Unique tapping plates to minimize costs & downtime (D03 -D 08), 13GPM - 130GPM

    Pneumatic Safety Valves

    ·  Dual Pneumatic Safety Valves

    ·  Illuminated DIN Connectors

    ·  Self-Monitored Category 3 or External Monitoring Switch for Category 4

    ·  Spool Monitored

    ·  1/2" - 67 CFM - 1-1/2" - 290 CFM

    Wireless Enabling Devices

    ·  3-position enabling devices that are wireless for complete freedom of movement

    ·  These devices are used for primary and secondary enabling with docking and charging stations available.

    ·  Includes: PLd Emergency Stop IR Startup & 2.4GHz RF run modes, Roll-over/Shock Technology

     15" Bag for 14" Rubber Gloves, Chicago Protective Apparel

    15" Bag for 14" Rubber Gloves, Chicago Protective Apparel

    Black 600D Polyester..

    $14.35 Ex Tax: $14.35

     Arc Flash Gear Bag, Chicago Protective Apparel

    Arc Flash Gear Bag, Chicago Protective Apparel

    Cordura Nylon Gear Bag for Arc Protection Items..

    $28.80 Ex Tax: $28.80

    Long Reach Visorguard

    Long Reach Visorguard

    For large milling machines (vertical and horizontal) and unguarded machines including CNC's.Due to m..

    $244.26 Ex Tax: $244.26

    TuffMaster Face Shield

    TuffMaster Face Shield

    Protects against radiant heat and impact from flying particlesAluminized window reflects up to 80% r..

    $46.94 Ex Tax: $46.94

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