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    Arc Flash Analysis & Services

    Advanced Safety and Energy is a market leader in Arc Flash and electrical safety services. Our Arc Flash safety program is uniquely packaged and is comprised of many elements that meet or exceed all of the requirements listed in NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 regulations. Below is a summary of the items that are included in this offering.

    Arc Flash Assessment: An arc flash risk assessment on the electrical distribution system would be performed per NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 regulations. The risk assessment includes the site data collection and verification of the electrical distribution system attributes that affect the incident energy available.

    Arc Flash Analysis Project Deliverables

    All of the items listed below are requirements of NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 and are included in our safety program.

    • Electrical Safety Labels are installed on all applicable electrical enclosures.
    • Employee training (optional) includes training manuals and certificates.
    • Up-to-date one-line drawings are developed to provide an accurate model of the installed electrical system.
    • A written safety program is provided. This document includes written safety policies for working in or around live electrical cabinets. Our clients can use and customize this document as part of their health and safety manual.
    • Energized electrical work permits are included for employees or contractors working on live electrical circuits in the facility.
    • A detailed Arc Flash Risk Assessment report and results of electrical analysis is submitted that includes the studies listed above as well as recommendations to reduce arc flash hazards, correcting over duty equipment and providing data to assist in our customer's efforts to improve protective device coordination.
    • All reports are provided on paper (in a three-ring binder) and in an electronic format provided on a CD. Electrical one-line drawings can be provided in AutoCad format.
    • Recommendations and mitigation on program and process.

    ASE has a unique offering for customers looking to close the gap on electrical safety. As you know, electrical equipment; machinery and personnel are added, replaced or changed frequently, making it difficult to keep up with all the changes. Changes in equipment will affect the incident energy ratings of existing panels and leave new panels without any safety information which can put people at risk. Changes in personnel can place unqualified/untrained people in high risk situations and violate the safety policies prescribed by OSHA, NFPA and CSA. Our annual maintenance program is designed to solve these problems at an affordable price.

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