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Advanced Safety & Energy
5055 Pilgrim Rd.
Flint, MI 48507

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Arc Flash Program
 ASE Arc Flash Safety Program

Advanced Safety & Energy has a complete 5 step Arc Flash Safety Program to meet your needs. We have industry experts offering training by an NEC/OSHA certified trainer, Electrical Power System Analysis, One Line Drawings, Mitigation Reports, and written safety programs.

  • Step 1 - Written Program
  • Assessment of the existing safety program
  • Written policies for working on energized equipment, such as lockout rules, work permits & PPE requirements
  • Establishment of an Arc Flash mitigation program
  • Step 2 - Training

    Training by an NEC/OSHA certified trainer with topics including:
  • Hazards created by an Arc Flash or Arc Blast
  • Arc Flash regulations (NFPA 70 and 70E)
  • How to protect workers and comply with OSHA
  • Review of existing safety practices and resources
  • Appropriate safety-related work practices
  • Reducing the risks of Arc Flash
  • Using the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Step 3 - Electrical Power System Analysis
  • Survey and data collection of all electrical panels
  • Short circuit and duty calculations to ensure all equipment is properly rated to withstand a short circuit current
  • Protective device coordination (breakers, fuses, etc.) to ensure that each device will work properly when needed
  • Analysis of power system for Incident Energy, PPE requirements, Flash Hazard Boundaries, and Shock Hazard
  • Installation of Arc Hazard labels- Vinyl, UV rated

  • Step 4 - One Line Drawings

    Provide up-to-date Electrical Drawings used to:
  • help workers identify equipment voltage levels
  • Identify system configurations that impact hazard calculations
  • Help plan future electrical system work
  • Determine alternate sources, capacitator back feeds, and energized sources

  • Step 5 - Additional Mitigation Reports

  • Submit report for PPE requirements at plant
  • Submit protective device coordination study and recommendations to reduce arc exposure


For more information on our Arc Flash Safety Program or to speak with a sales representative in regards to Arc Flash, please contact us at 810-238-8600 or info@asesafety.com