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Professional and Productive

Highly trained and experienced personnel make up our staff. From disciplines in electrical, mechanical and fluid power engineering to project management, professional engineers and field technicians.

ASE Safety

Success begins with the customer

Our success begins with our customers. We are driven to build relationships with our clients that exceed their expectations. Our customers have helped us grow into a nationally recognized supplier of safety products, energy products, and value added services. Success stories span many industries, including Automotive, Plastics, Steel, Oil & Gas, Mining, Bio Tech, Food & Beverage, Hospitals and Government to name just a few.


ASE has been helping our customers achieve safety compliance and giving them energy solutions that work. Our many years of experience assure a direct approach to equipment and system improvements that save you time and money. Let's face it; today's global economy makes it difficult for all of us to compete. We offer solutions that cut insurance costs, operational cost, reduce cycle/setup time and reduce energy usage. Ask us how!

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Save Money

We will beat any OEM price by 10-40%.

Save Time

Don't waste valuable time calling several different OEM's for upgrades. We will upgrade any make or model, saving you valuable time.

Be Confident

With ASE's onsite professional audit of your machinery, there is no guesswork. You will be confident knowing exactly what is needed.

Advanced Safety & Energy has been providing quality products and services to manufacturing companies around the world since 2000.

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Did you know

  • Energy savings don't have to come from "alternative" sources like solar and wind. We have other solutions to lower energy usage that are far more cost effective.
  • Infrared scanning can be used in many useful ways other than electrical equipment testing. IR can be used to enhance operations & maintenance by detecting all types of energy losses. Ask us about its many other uses.
  • Improved power quality can save you big money on your utility bills.
  • In many cases, Lockout/Tag-out can actually save setup time and reduce downtime. Ask us how!

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